Carnival events, funerals urged to wrap up early on Sunday
June 29, 2024

Carnival events, funerals urged to wrap up early on Sunday

The passage of Beryl, which is predicted to reach St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) as a Category Two or Three system, is expected to see the cancellation and an early end to some carnival events set for this weekend.

During a June 29 press briefing hosted by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and disaster management officials, party promoters and bar owners were requested to wrap up all activities by Sunday afternoon.

“Sunday, for instance, I know some activities from two o’clock on Sunday going up to the night, they tell you they’d stop at eight, but they’ll go on to 10 and 12. But what happens? They put down tents. They put containers to help to mark off where they have the event and to make sure that people who come in pay. I want you to listen to me carefully… do not have any of these activities Sunday afternoon into Sunday night, because you’re not going to be able to take down the tents move everything, including the containers…”

He said activities planned for today, June 29 will not be impacted. Junior Carnival and a number of private events are scheduled to take place. Junior Panorama is slated to come off at the Victoria Park on Sunday, June 30 and also private events.

“I’m playing very safe, and I’m urging people to do that now. People who are going to Junior Panorama, Panorama is okay because people are going to get home early, so that is fine.”

The 11 am update from the SVG Meteorological Services said a hurricane watch is in effect for the country and warned that tropical storm conditions will be felt by Sunday evening.

PM Gonsalves urged promoters who are making use of containers at the tarmac of decommissioned E.T. Joshua Airport to remove them.

“Talk to people in Tortola and in Anguilla, and they will tell you those containers are dangerous weapons when you have high wind, and especially when you reach hurricane level force winds, even less than hurricane level force winds and out at Arnos Vale for instance, they will mash up the schools. Where you have an informal human settlement,Pole Yard, they will damage houses, and we can rebuild houses, but they can severely injure and kill people.”

PM advised that funeral services also be wrapped by Sunday at an early hour.

“… we have to get out of the cemeteries tomorrow early. Except, of course, if the situation intensifies faster, we’ll come back and tell you.”

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