Sandals Resorts  institutes paternity, birthday leave  for employees
Executive Chairman for Sandals Resorts International, Adam Stewart (right) and Corporate Manager, Employee Experience, Jamie Green engage in a spirited and interactive discussion during the company’s recent town hall meeting.
June 18, 2024

Sandals Resorts institutes paternity, birthday leave for employees

Sandals Resorts International has enhanced its ‘Time Away from Work Policy’ which it said is aimed at further prioritising employee well-being.

Team members across the company’s Caribbean resorts will now have access to birthday and paternity leave entitlements, which the company said in a release sets a new standard in the hospitality industry.


Happy team members captured during the recent Sandals Resorts International town hall meeting, where Executive Chairman Adam Stewart announced birthday and paternity leave entitlements.

The enhancements, introduced from April 26, 2024, will see team members having an additional paid day off to celebrate their birthdays.

Encouraging them to embrace the activities that bring joy and rejuvenation, the benefit applies to all team members whether or not their birthdays fall on a scheduled work day, Sandals said in its release.

Team members also have within 30 days to take the day off if circumstances prevent them from taking the leave on their actual birthday.

As of May 1, 2024, male team members who become fathers of new-born children, and are full-time employees who have been with the company for at least one year, will received one week of paid paternity leave, giving them even more time to bond with their children.

“We are a family and our company culture places high value on work–life balance. Personal and family time are crucial to well-being,” Sandals Executive Adam Stewart, is reported to have said as he made the announcement at a recent town hall meeting.

“These new incentives are designed to acknowledge and support those significant moments in our team members lives that they need to spend with their loved ones.”

The introduction of the paternity leave initiative marks a pioneering step for Sandals positioning the company among a small number of private sector entities in the Caribbean, to extend such benefits to its workforce.

“I was thrilled to share the news of Sandals offering paternity leave with my wife who was just as excited as I am. It is commendable that Sandals has recognized the active role we as fathers play in the home when it comes to child rearing. Good job!” shared Jason Martin, entertainment manager at Sandals Royal Caribbean.

For mother of two and assistant accountant at Sandals, Negril, Monique Munroe, this is a massive move forward for the company.

“Being able to get your birthday off from work is definitely a big deal for me. Not to mention the paternity leave for fathers, I am a mom and I know the impact it will have on the family when dad gets to be there during those crucial first days.

This is what you call having our best interest at heart.”

The birthday and paternity leave incentives are paid time off that includes full base pay and gratuity for all eligible team members across the company’s 21 resorts.