Pilling Pollard labelled ‘esteemed maestro of masquerade’ by CDC
Julian “Pilling” Pollard
June 18, 2024

Pilling Pollard labelled ‘esteemed maestro of masquerade’ by CDC

An unwavering dedication to the arts, and an indelible mark on the culture of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) are two of the statements made by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) as it paid tribute to Julian “Pilling” Pollard.

The veteran costume designer passed away on Wednesday June 5, 2024.

“A visionary whose profound impact on the cultural art form of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, particularly Vincymas, will be remembered for generations,” the CDC said in a press release issued on Pollard’s death.

The Corporation noted that Pollard’s journey into culture began over 50 years ago, when he was a student at the St Vincent Grammar School.

“His creative genius first came to prominence when his designs clinched the Band of the Year competition in 1974 with the presentation “It’s Just My Imagination” by Dragons, led by Roy Ralph, also deceased.

“This victory marked the beginning of an illustrious streak, as he went on to secure four consecutive Band of the Year titles.”

Further, the CDC said that Pollard’s passion led him to help establish SVG Players International, under whose leadership it won seven Band of the Year titles, including an impressive four consecutive wins.

“His talent knew no bounds, extending his influence throughout the Caribbean. He triumphed with five Band of the Year titles in St. Lucia, three in St. Kitts, and collaborated with many esteemed designers in Trinidad and Tobago,” the CDC said.

“In addition to his celebrated work in masquerade, Mr. Pollard showcased his versatility and talent in the realm of music. He graced the National Calypso Competition, advancing to the semi-finals on one occasion, further highlighting his multifaceted contribution to our nation’s culture.”

Last week, Pollard’s long-time friend Roland “Scrapie” Dopwell told SEARCHLIGHT that Pollard was a true mas

man who in the earlier years, was associated with Roy Ralph and the Dragons mas camp.

“The Board of Directors and staff of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) celebrates Mr. Pollard’s legacy, his unwavering dedication to the arts, and the indelible mark he has left on our culture,” the CDC release also said.

“His memory will continue to inspire and resonate within the heart of every festival, every costume, and every melody that graces the streets during Vincymas. Mr. David Julian “Pilling” Pollard, your spirit lives on in the beauty and joy of our cultural celebrations. Rest in peace, esteemed maestro of masquerade.”