National Parks building awareness about green spaces
students of thE SJCK learning about NPR&B at the exhibits stalls
June 4, 2024

National Parks building awareness about green spaces

Twanique Barrow is committed to connecting the Vincentian people to the many beautiful parks, rivers and beaches in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Barrow, who is the communications and public education officer with the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority (NPR&B), told SEARCHLIGHT on Friday May 31, 2024 at an exhibition hosted jointly with the Forestry Division that they are seeking to build awareness about the need for green spaces. The exhibition was the final of several activities organised by NPR&B in this regard, and brought the curtains down on a month of activities during which provision was made for sessions in which students were allowed to visit several sites free of cost.

“Our sites are also an outdoor classroom. There’s so much to learn,” Barrow said, adding that during May, National Parks Day was celebrated.

Barrow explained that the celebration was previously held in October but was changed to May which is also Child’s Month, as there is always an uptick of students visiting sites.

“So from today going forward, National Parks Day would be on the 31st of May…we don’t want it to stop in May, we want persons to come, schools to come in June, July, August, September- all throughout the year because St Vincent is beautiful.”

A day in the month of May is also set aside to celebrate International Biodiversity, “which is a big element of National Parks, so we think May was the most suitable month to celebrate it”, Barrow explained.

She said their ultimate goal during the month was to get as many people as possible to visit sites that fall under the jurisdiction of the NPR&B.

“We want to have these initiative where Vincentians can really get outside and really enjoy nature when visiting our parks and sites.” The entity celebrated its activities this year under the theme: Connecting People to Parks.

“National Parks has been around for almost 16 years and we’re still an organisation that a lot of people don’t know,” Barrow noted.

For the remainder of this year, there are plans to host a summer programme in August, and the Nine Nights of Light again in December. The National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority is responsible for the development and maintenance of all national sites across the State.