VINLEC reaching out to the public with new initiatives
Vinlec Headquarters
May 10, 2024

VINLEC reaching out to the public with new initiatives

The St Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC), said it is in the process of launching several transformative initiatives and projects geared toward enhancing operational efficiency and service quality. “As we modernize our infrastructure, we invite you, our valued customers, to join us in shaping a sustainable and efficient future,” the utility company said in a statement.

“Our initiatives are designed not just to improve our operational efficiency and reliability, but to invest in and facilitate more sustainable energy alternatives while fostering a collaborative partnership where every stakeholder is empowered and informed.”

In this light, VINLEC said it will launch a series of educational initiatives “to help you understand your energy usage, read bills with precision, and adopt sustainable practices”, noting that “knowledge is power, and we want to empower you to make informed decisions about your energy consumption”.

The company has pointed to the pivotal role of the public, highlighting that,”responsible energy consumption and the timely payment of bills are essential to maintain the stability and efficiency of our services”.

“We rely on your prompt bill payments to fund the ongoing upgrades and ensure uninterrupted service,” the company adds, while pointing out that “adhering to this responsibility not only supports our operational capacity, but also enhances the overall sustainability of our energy system”.

VINLEC is asking consumers if they are experiencing challenges clearing their balances to visit its Corporate Headquarters at Paul’s Avenue, Kingstown, so that the company can work with them to help find solutions to keep their lights on.

It further asks that consumers “stay connected and informed by following us on Facebook (St Vincent Electricity Services Limited), Instagram (@vinlecsvg), and Twitter (@vinlecsvg)”, and tune in to local airwaves for regular updates, including weekly disconnection schedule.

“VINLEC is not just your energy provider; we are your partner in building a brighter, more sustainable St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” the statement ends.