Dr Gonsalves still laments absence of death penalty
May 3, 2024

Dr Gonsalves still laments absence of death penalty

This country’s Minister of National Security, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has once again stated his support for the death penalty to apply to persons convicted of murder.

The prime minister feels that with the absence of the death penalty, convicted murderers are released from prison and have the chance to kill again.

Speaking on WEFMs Issue at Hand programme last Sunday, Gonsalves said because the death penalty is not being carried out, some murderers have “a second chance to kill people”.

He was at the time speaking about the murder of former national footballer, Zenroy ‘Chucky’ Lee.

Lee was shot and killed in Murray’s Village on April 24,2024. Later that day, police shot and killed Romano

‘No Mercy’ Pompey of Redemption Sharpes.

It is alleged that Pompey was the suspect in Lee’s shooting death.

Police officers reportedly went in search of Pompey after receiving certain intelligence.

The suspect reportedly pointed a gun at the police, who responded by shooting him.

Pompey was released from prison after serving time for manslaughter.

Dr Gonsalves insisted that if the death penalty was in place, such persons would not have another chance to kill.