Woman admits to stealing thousands from employer
Oriette Bobb (covered in blue towel) hides from the media after leaving the Kingstown Magistrate's Court charged with theft.
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April 23, 2024

Woman admits to stealing thousands from employer

A 20 year old woman and former employee of Cash Money Investments was given a suspended sentence and ordered to pay compensation for stealing over $2,000 from the company.

Oriette Bobb was charged that on the dates: April 9,10, 12, and 15, 2024 at Sion Hill Bay, stole EC$735.65; EC$300.20; EC$320.95; and EC$167.75 in cash respectively, the property of Cash Money Investments of Sion Hill Bay.

She was also charged that on April 16, 2024 at Sion Hill Bay, she stole EC$315.50 and EC$230.20, the property of Cash Money Investments of Sion Hill.

The facts read that the virtual complainant is the managing director at Cash Money Investments where a variety of automotive parts, accessories, scooters and used auto mobiles are sold; and is tasked with managing the daily operations of the branch located at Sion Hill Bay.

Bobb was hired by the virtual complainant in December, 2023 as a sales clerk/cashier. On Friday April 12, 2024, some time in the morning, the virtual complainant was at work when it was brought to his attention by one of the supervisors that Bobb had made a false return on an item that was previously purchased at the said establishment, which she is not authorized to do.

On receiving this information, the virtual complainant investigated the matter by reviewing CCTV footage from the business’ security camera and reviewing the sales records. He discovered that Bobb had made unauthorized returns on items on several occasions, dating from March 2024, to April 2024.

Bobb was also caught on CCTV footage taking money from the cash register on April 11, 2024. Suspecting that Bobb was faking the returns on items and taking the money, the virtual complainant continued to investigate without her knowledge. The virtual complainant also spoke with some supervisors and office administrators in respect of the issue with Bobb.

There was an issue of an excess of EC$320.95 in cash on the cash balance for April 11, 2024. Bobb was confronted about this excess by one of the supervisors; she said she had done a return for a customer, so the supervisor gave Bobb the money to take to the customer. The virtual complainant then verified with the customers if they had made any returns. It was revealed that they did not return any of the items which they had purchased.

It was also discovered that Bobb did an unauthorized return for an item, and entered a credit card transaction when a customer had actually made a cheque transaction, making her balance short for the said day because she removed money from the cash register equivalent to the price of the items. She was confronted by her supervisor in respect of this.

She was also caught on CCTV footage taking cash from the cash register and putting it in her pocket on April 16. On April 19, 2024, the virtual complainant was at work when Bobb went to his office and apologised to him for the credit card transaction that she had entered which should have been a cheque transaction, and told him that she would pay back the money which had made her cash balance for the said day short.

On discovering that Bobb had made several unauthorized returns on items and taken the money on the dates in question, the virtual complainant reported the matter to the police.

Bobb was arrested, cautioned, and interviewed. She then admitted to the offence. Bobb told the court that she stole the money to assist with purchasing groceries and her cost of living.

“You recognised a weakness in the system and decided to exploit it?” Senior Magistrate, Tamika Mckenzie asked her. She responded in the affirmative. Mckenzie told her that her intelligence could have been put to better use.

Bobb was then given a prison sentence of one month and three days. However, that sentence was suspended for one year. She was also ordered to compensate Cash Money Investments in the sum of EC$2,070.25 by the end of yesterday, as she indicated to the court that she can compensate the company forthwith. If she failed to do that she faces a three week period of imprisonment.