South Leeward to get $6.5 million investment
April 23, 2024

South Leeward to get $6.5 million investment

Major works under the national road rehabilitation project amounting to in excess of $6.5 million is almost at the half way time frame in the constituency of South Leeward.

A distance of 2.3 kilometres of road leading from Rillan Hill to Twenty Hill to the bridge at Hope is being constructed.

In an interview with the API, community activist, Grenville Williams said this is all part of ensuring the building and maintenance of proper road networks in the constituency and it augments other development in the area, including the opening of the Sandals Resort.

“This road network, very important for this community…it’s a major investment…we want to look at development from a holistic standpoint, so this is just one element,” Williams said.

He also noted that other work to commence in the area include the Penniston Community Centre rehabilitation project.

The scope of the roadworks includes widening of the road and installation of culverts using concrete in certain areas ensuring roads last longer, and improving drainage.

Work which started in January is expected to be completed in October this year (API).