ULP Ministers laud their party’s work in Government
April 12, 2024

ULP Ministers laud their party’s work in Government

Ministers of Government within the Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration have provided strong endorsement of their party’s performance in office since first elected in 2021. Among speakers at the party’s 23rd anniversary rally held on Sunday, April 7, 2024, at the decommissioned E.T Joshua Airport were some of the newer members of Cabinet who, in lauding their party’s work, also drew comparisons with the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP).

Minister of National Mobilization, Orando Brewster, told Sunday’s mammoth gathering that the NDP is not serious about its bid for governance of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

“These are not serious people; they are not ready for government,” Brewster told party supporters.

The Central Leeward Member of Parliament further charged that “the opposition has not been honest with the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

He said under the ULP administration, there have been more houses, more employed young people,and even more health care services across St Vincent and the Grenadines.

And he cautioned Vincentians against trusting the opposition party saying, “You can’t trust them because they are dishonest. They say to give them a chance but…the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines, we are not going to gamble with the progress which we have made thus far.”

Minister Brewster said when the ULP was elected into office in 2001, it set out to transform every aspect of St Vincent and the Grenadines and he urged party supporters to remain steadfast.

“We cannot be naive, we cannot be blinded, and we cannot be taken for a ride by the New Democratic Party.”

Senator Keisal Peters, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, delivering her address said SVG has had “twenty three years of progress under the Unity Labour Party,” and during this time the ULP has caused “this country to witness and experience a transformation”.

“The Unity Labour Party is a strategic party,and we plan things properly. We have well thought out plans,” the senator said.

Peters who is being talked about as the likely candidate to carry the ULP’s fight in West Kingstown in the next general elections, also expressed confidence of victory at the polls.

At present, West Kingstown is represented by opposition MP Daniel Cummings.

However, on Sunday night, the senator declared that “change is coming to West Kingstown.”

Education Minister, Curtis King, also speaking at last Sunday’s rally noted that the ULP is standing on its 23 years of progress.

“We are here because we stand on the trust of the people, because the people know when Labour say we doing, we doing.”

King who represents the West St George Constituency in Parliament, said the party recognizes the young people as the future, hence it is helping them to develop.

The former educator said that while the ULP is moving forward with fresh hope, “the NDP moving backward, looking for hope”.

The entertainment-spiked anniversary rally featured several other speakers with the main address coming from party leader, Dr Ralph Gonsavles, who also lauded the work of his administration during its tenure and urged the people to give the ULP its sixth term in office in general elections due by 2025.