PSU calls off strike at AIA
April 12, 2024

PSU calls off strike at AIA

Plans to bring the operations at the Argyle International Airport (AIA) to a standstill by means of industrial action have been called off as the SVG Public Service Union (PSU) and the airport’s management have come to a compromise.

“We are pleased to report that the AIA and the union have reached an amicable agreement…. As a result, industrial action planned for Monday April 15th has been cancelled, ” General Secretary for the PSU, ShellyAnn Alexander-Ross, said in a statement.

The Union had given the airport’s management an April 12 deadline to settle retroactive payments owed to workers from 2020 to 2022, or workers would stage industrial action on the following Monday or Wednesday, two of the busiest days at the international airport.

The union, which represents the majority of the more than 200 workers at the AIA ,said management had failed to meet promises on retroactive payments on salaries when workers moved from the now decommissioned E.T Joshua Airport to the Argyle International Airport.

The union agreed on a forfeiture of payment for the years 2016 to 2018, and the increment for 2019 amounting to 1.5 percent of the AIA workers’ salary, was paid in January, 2023. The union had said they expected the retroactive payments for 2020 through to 2022 to be paid as well. But the AIA management had countered, saying that they had already met their commitment to the workers.

While not delving into the specifics of the agreement, Alexander-Ross said the two parties met on Wednesday April 10,2024 and a “settlement” was reached on the retroactive component of the payments owed to workers amounting to around EC$40,000.

The General Secretary also thanked the AIA workers for sticking by the union during the extensive negotiation process.

“They were the one[s] who were instrumental in us arriving at this settlement.”