St. Vincent Brewery Limited does Beach Clean-up for World Water Day
April 9, 2024

St. Vincent Brewery Limited does Beach Clean-up for World Water Day

Members of staff of St. Vincent Brewery Limited (SVBL), teamed up with the Leo Club of St Vincent and the Grenadines and residents of Rusha Bay to remove oceanic garbage and other debris from the neighbouring Rusha Bay beach on World Water Day, which is observed globally in March. The staffers noted that most of the garbage comprised plastic drinking containers, metal scraps, and almond tree leaves, a release from the brewery states.

Plant Manager, Colin Huskinson advised that “Our company was pleased to be able to provide the resources and dedicate the time to clean up the beach area adjacent to the plant as part of World Water Day celebrations. Our emphasis here is two-fold: one, our company sees itself as a strong partner in St. Vincent’s water and marine conservation and second, we believe in being a ‘good neighbour’ with our Rusha Bay businesses and residents”.

He added that “Each year we celebrate World Water Day to raise awareness of our achievements in water management, renew our focus and encourage staff to innovate and further improve. This year, we decided to focus that energy on cleaning up our surroundings for the benefit of us all”.

People coordinator, Cheraz Sutherland, who facilitated the initiative with the safety and environment team, also expressed her pleasure over the brewery’s commitment to the beautification of the area.

“Here at St. Vincent Brewery Limited we place strong emphasis on our environment stewardship, and we see it important to give back to our community”.

Over the past several years, St. Vincent Brewery said it has been dedicating the time and resources for at least two Rusha Bay clean-ups annually. World Water Day is held around the world each year on March 22, to focus attention on the importance of fresh water and advocate for the sustained management of fresh water resources.