St.Vincent Brewery installs a Robot
Screenshot of the robot in action at the St Vincent Brewery Limited
March 8, 2024
St.Vincent Brewery installs a Robot

St Vincent Brewery limited has installed a robot to assist in aspects of its production work. In a release, the Campden Park-based manufacturing company said the robotic arm, referred to as the ‘packer unpacker’ was installed a few weeks ago on the production packing line to remove or unpack empty bottles from crates and pack bottles filled with beverage into empty crates.

With the installation of the industrial robotic arm, the St. Vincent Brewery Limited said it is expected to reach new levels of safety and productivity through enhanced speed, efficiency and reliability. The production operation of the business was closed for almost two weeks to facilitate the installation and the company believes it is worth it.

“With the installation of this robot, St. Vincent Brewery continues to be an industry leader in technology advancement in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” plant manager Colin Huskisson said.

“ I am excited about the opportunities this presents for us as a company. Not only can we expect improvements in productivity and efficiency; there are new opportunities for learning and development for our team in the areas of robotics and automation.”

Country Manager, Shafia London said she is extremely excited about the installation of the robotic arm at the St. Vincent Brewery Limited.

“The installation of the Industrial robotic arm at the St. Vincent Brewery Limited, a company that prides itself on its safety culture will provide improved safety to employees. Most of the employees have been shifted to work in other areas and the robotic arm will help keep workers safe by executing those tasks that present high risk of injury.”

London affirmed that with the addition of the robot arm at the St. Vincent Brewery Limited, the public can also expect increased efficiency in the production of the preferred brands Vincentians and visitors have grown to love and enjoy.

Industrial robotic arms are one of the most common types of robots in use today, the Brewery release pointed out. They help businesses boost their competitive advantage and keep costs low by enabling automation of key processes that contribute to enhanced safety for workers, accelerated production, and improved productivity. Robot arms are used in factories to automate the execution of repetitive tasks; they are fast, reliable, accurate and can be programmed to do many tasks in a variety of environments, the release pointed out further.

The installation of the robotic arm presents several benefits to the St. Vincent Brewery Limited including improved efficiency, productivity, and enhanced precision. Robotic arms can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week without fatiguing, allowing the brewery to keep production, inspections, or other tasks going continuously to increase output, the release also states. They also perform more consistently and accurately than humans for tasks that require extreme precision or consistency.