March 5, 2024
CARICOM Heads still firmly committed to their fight against crime

Following the inaugural symposium on Crime and Violence as a Public Health Safety Issue and the Declaration of the Heads of Government in Trinidad and Tobago on April 17-18, 2023, CARICOM Heads of Government met in caucus in Georgetown, Guyana on February 27, 2024 to discuss the prevailing dire state of crime, violence, and public safety amongst its Member States.

Heads of Government reiterated their firm commitment to the principles stated in, and to the implementation of the actions set out in the Declaration on Crime and Violence as a Public Health Safety Issue, a CARICOM release states.

In reaffirming the right to freedom of expression and to public speech CARICOM Heads of Government strongly condemned the development, presence, tolerance, or acceptance of violent, anti-social music and social media content that denigrate women and encourage or promote or support the use of violence, guns, and other anti-social behaviour, particularly targeted to our Youth.

CARICOM Heads of Government affirmed their support for engaging with young people in the creative economy, including the entertainment and music industry, and the sporting industry to develop, support and spread across the Region positive content to offset the negative impact of anti-social, violent, and criminal behaviour, which some elements in that sector promote and support.

Given the serious, significant and chronic negative developmental impact that crime and violence is having on Member States, CARICOM Heads of Government committed to working with all sectors and institutions, including civil society, academia, labour, churches, our creatives, law enforcement, the judiciary, political parties, employers and businesses, and our external partners to implement all of the measures set out in the Declaration on Crime and Violence as a Public Health Safety Issue.

CARICOM Heads of Government remain committed to maintaining this Region as a zone of domestic peace and safety to ensure the preservation of our Caribbean civilisation, the release concludes.