St Vincent court orders that escaped Grenadians be deported
From Left: Atiba Stanislaus , Ron Mitchell and Trevon Robertson
March 4, 2024
St Vincent court orders that escaped Grenadians be deported

A deportation order was handed down from the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday for the three Grenadians who are now the main suspects in a murder case of two US citizens.

After pleading guilty to four immigration charges when they first appeared in court last Monday February 26, Senior Magistrate Colin John ordered that the men be deported from St Vincent and the Grenadines to be returned to Grenada.

They escaped police custody in Grenada on Monday February 19 where they were being held on rape, robbery with violence and other related charges.

The charges laid against the trio, Atiba Stanislaus, Ron Mitchell and Trevon Robertson are that they illegally entered SVG by boat and disembarked without the consent of an Immigration officer, entered without a passport, entered at a point other than an official port of entry and landed as a prohibited immigrant.

The escapees have been at the center of international news after it was discovered that a yacht, owned by a US couple, was hijacked and allegedly used by the men to sail to SVG. Vincentian police said that the couple is presumed to be dead after blood and other signs of violence were seen on the yacht.

The men were detained to be handed over to SVG Immigration authorities for deportation.