Bill passed to allow for audio and video High Court recordings
February 27, 2024
Bill passed to allow for audio and video High Court recordings

There is “too much tardiness” on the part of some judges in expediting matters before their courts.

This is the view of Prime Minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, as it relates to delays in trials and other proceedings.

Prime Minister Gonsalves made this observation last Thursday, as he was winding up debate on the Recording of Court Proceeding Bill 2024 in the House of Assembly.

The Bill is about providing for the recording and transcribing of court proceedings and related matters.

In piloting the Bill, Dr Gonsalves said it would assist with the better administration of justice by allowing for audio or video recordings of court proceedings.

Noting that he does not want to be overly critical of the judiciary in public he, however pointed to a “growing tendency” by some Judges in the OECS to have long and drawn out trials.

Opposition Senator, Israel Bruce was the only other person who spoke on the Bill. He offered his support and the support of his colleagues on the piece of legislation.

Senator Bruce said the Bill seeks “effectively to add efficiency, reliability and jurisprudential confidence to our system.”

The NDP Senator said the piece of legislation will be very helpful, especially to lawyers in preparing appeals for their clients.

The Bill was taken through all its stages in Thursday’s sitting and passed.