Sister was anticipating trouble following brother’s first shooting
Jenson Aubrey Hamilton
February 9, 2024
Sister was anticipating trouble following brother’s first shooting

by Eldonte Samuel

Margaret, the sister of Gibson Corner shooting victim, Jenson Aubrey Hamilton, had no tears to shed when she learnt that her brother had been shot for the second time.

This was in contrast to her reaction to the news when Aubrey was first shot on January 22, 2024. Jenson Aubrey Hamilton was shot and killed on February 3 at Gibson Corner, not far from his home.

“I didn’t draw tears. I kinda know that something will happen to my brother…once that guy is out where he was living up there…,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

She explained that when her brother was first shot on January 22, the news of the shooting caused her blood pressure to escalate. Margaret said that she was on a call with her two daughters who told her that Aubrey had been shot.

“My other daughter who was there with me had to hold me up because I thought that he had died…she put her hands around me and comfort me and helped me out,” she recalled.

Margaret who is currently in the United States shared a memory of Aubrey when she was living in Old Montrose. She related having got to know Aubrey when her father explained that he had other children with Aubrey’s mother.

“We didn’t pay attention to that. Aubrey and his brother, Anthony which we better know as ‘Scarface’ came up in Montrose where I was living and stay with us.”

She described Aubrey then as “an aggressive young man,” explaining that “he used to steal all thing and take thing for people”, adding that the police were never successful in finding any stolen items at her home at that time.

Aubrey was imprisoned a few times, but the last time he told his sister that he “done with tha” and Margaret said that he began working and stuck around the family.

When she had children, she related that Aubrey helped in their upbringing, and his nieces and nephews grew up respecting him, even up to this day.

One of those nephews, who goes by the moniker ‘Dogg’ told SEARCHLIGHT that he had a close relationship with his uncle and it was hard for him to come to terms with his death.

He last saw Aubrey on the Wednesday before he was shot at Gibson Corner. He was travelling from Campden Park into Kingstown and they were both in the same van.

“I tell him I going by Massey. He tell me he going town, and I never hear back from him again,” ‘Dogg’ related.

While Aubrey had no children of his own, he took care of his nephew’s daughter and “did love she bad… and she cry plenty”, the nephew said. He added that he had no knowledge of Aubrey having ‘beef’ with anyone, but Aubrey was known for being loud and out spoken. Having been shot in January, ‘Dogg’ felt his uncle “should of never go back up dey (Gibson Corner)… Aubrey just believe he’s iron man, that’s why he go back up dey…”.

‘Dogg’ and Rita Bynoe, another of Aubrey’s sisters both expressed displeasure with the police’s handling of the matter when Aubrey was first shot last month.

Bynoe also told SEARCHLIGHT that it was she who made several trips to the hospital to help in her brother’s care.

Bynoe related that on February 3, 2024, she attended a funeral and as she got home her nephew called “telling me that he now get a message that they gun down Aubrey and kill him….

“Soon as he was going to his house is where they killed him.”

She had last seen her brother the previous day on the side walk “hopping with the foot”, as she was in a van going into Kingstown “…so I hail out and ask him way he going, and tell him must stay home so his foot will get better”.

Aubrey told her he was on his way to get a few things to cook and then he was going home, “that was the last time I ever see my brother“.

“I still in shock I tell you, I still feel it because I have all his stuff inside my house; his passport, I have his birth certificate, everything,” said the sister who shared numerous memories of her brother.

Aubrey’s sisters and cousins are of the belief that the February 3, 2024 shooting is linked to the shooting on January 22, 2024.

On Thursday February, 8, 2024 the police informed SEARCHLIGHT that one person had been taken into custody assisting with investigations; however that person was released.