Green Hill not welcoming following Rock’s killing
Kelique Rock
February 9, 2024
Green Hill not welcoming following Rock’s killing

by Robertson Henry

Green Hill is not welcoming strangers or persons believed to be strangers, as residents try to deal with the Wednesday February 7, 2024 killing of Khalique Rock aka ‘Brinks’, as he sat with friends on the roadside.

A friend who requested anonymity said that there were persons ‘liming … smoking … talking, when we hear gunshots. Me, I just duck behind a house. Next thing we hear Brinks get shoot.”

Those who were sitting with Rock when he was preferred not to say anything citing the fact that the killer is still out there, and no one knows their identity.

However another resident who was a few feet away from the group of which Rock was a part said “everybody scatter when dem hear shots. Brinks run to his home.”

It was this move which apparently cost Rock his life as the gunmen according to investigators, had positioned themselves perfectly for this heinous crime, firing multiple shots into Rock’s body as he ran unknowingly towards the gunmen who were positioned near Rock’s residence.

Khalique Rock’s family are heartbroken and distraught and requested understanding in this time of grief, for not wanting to speak.
SEARCHLIGHT understands that the police apparently recovered shell casings from a rifle and a 9-mm handgun on the scene of the killing.

Wednesday night’s killing makes it homicide number four in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the year.