Form 2 drop out remanded for threatening to stab Deputy Principal
Vennol Culzac
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February 6, 2024
Form 2 drop out remanded for threatening to stab Deputy Principal

A former student of the Barrouallie Secondary School has been remanded into custody for two days after he threatened to stab the school’s deputy principal.

Vennol Culzac, 18, of Barrouallie appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on February 5, 2024 before Senior Magistrate Colin John, where he pleaded guilty that on February 2, 2024 at Barrouallie, he entered upon the compound of the Barrrouallie Secondary School as a trespasser having a pair of scissors with intent to intimidate and that he assaulted Raffique Durham of Barrouallie with intent to wound him.

The facts which were read by Prosecutor Corlene Samuel, stated that Durham is the Deputy Principal of the Barrouallie Secondary School, and was in charge of the school on February 2, because the Principal was absent.

While Durham was heading down a flight of stairs leading towards the form one section, he met Culzac at the bottom of the steps dressed in a black t-shirt and a blue jeans pants. He immediately questioned Culzac if he was a student of the school, and Culzac replied, “no.”

Durham then asked Culzac to leave the school compound, but the young man kept walking along the corridor until he met a dead end. As a result, Durham pulled out his cellphone and took a photo of him. Culzac then told Durham to delete the photo.

Culzac walked towards Durham, pulled a scissors from his back pants pocket and threatened to stab Durham with the scissors.

The court heard that Culzac swung the scissors at Durham several times, causing Durham to back away from him. Culzac then picked up one of the school’s chairs and swung it at the Deputy Principal in the presence of some students. Durham eventually escaped, went inside the Principal’s office and contacted the police at the Barrouallie Police Station where PC 830 Keil entertained the report.

PC Keil met Culzac at the roadside near the school and informed him of the report that was made against him. He then requested a search of the young man to which Culzac complied. However, no scissors was found on him. Culzac was then arrested under suspicion for criminal trespass, offensive weapon possession and assault.

Later that day, Culzac offered to show the officer where he had hidden the scissors. He directed the officer to some bushes near to where he was arrested. The next day, Culzac was cautioned and interviewed. He also volunteered a statement in writing. He was later arrested for the offences.

Culzac told the Senior Magistrate that he went to the school because he thought that the school was having road relay.

“The road relay is not in the school, the road relay is on the road,” the Senior Magistrate pointed out.

Culzac retorted that he saw some children outside the school’s compound, so he went in.

“So when the Deputy Principal asked you to leave, why didn’t you leave?” John then asked.

“I was leaving,” the young man responded, adding that he only started threatening Durham because Durham took out his phone to capture him on camera.

Culzac also told the Magistrate that he attended the Barrouallie Secondary School but dropped out at form two because he used to “dey outta class and thing…with company.”

“When you had the opportunity to be in school, you didn’t want to be in school, and now you out, you want to go back in?” John questioned.

John then gave Durham the opportunity to speak for himself on what transpired on that day. Durham’s testimony was mostly similar to the facts.

John then summoned Culzac’s mother and asked her why her son had to conclude his formal education at form two.

“It come like now he been ah stay back and them been ah say like if you fail two times at one class, you narh reach no where further,” she answered.

John then asked how come her son was staying back, and if she was not providing any guidance for him.

“It come like now, is been me one and me nah been get nobody for help me,” she responded, adding that Culzac is the youngest of her three children.

John said that he cannot allow persons to commit such offences as they feel like. He then remanded Culzac into custody until Wednesday of this week.

“When you come back Wednesday morning, you go tell me if you like round there or not so I’ll decide if I will give you a longer time or not,” the Senior Magistrate told the teenager.