A ‘scraping sound’ and mini bus flips over in Happy Hill, Layou
H5666 overturned in Happy Hill, Layou
January 26, 2024
A ‘scraping sound’ and mini bus flips over in Happy Hill, Layou

A passenger who was in omnibus H5666 when it overturned in Happy Hill, Layou has said that the accident was not a result of speeding.

Shock struck drivers and on lookers who parked their vehicles aside near a corner in Happy Hill to view the omnibus resting on its side with its windows completely shattered.

The accident which occurred on the morning of Wednesday, January 24 was more distressing for some of the passengers as they desperately sought transportation from strangers in their private vehicles to be taken to a medical centre.

A woman who was seeking a ride for herself and some primary school children to seek medical attention at the Buccament Polyclinic told SEARCHLIGHT that the omnibus, which was travelling from Barrouallie to Kingstown, was not at all speeding.

The woman said that a “scraping” sound was being heard from the tires, and another sound, like the tires were slipping on the wet road. Someone in the van shouted, “watch out, watch out”, and within moments, the van overturned.

She said that the bottom of a woman’s foot was severely damaged as a result of the accident, and that other passengers were bruised and injured as well.

“There was a lady’s back, her back was bleeding, and she cried for chest pain, and that’s the hardest part, the chest pain, but he wasn’t speeding at all. He wasn’t speeding,” the passenger stressed.

“He was taking it slowly,” a primary school child interjected.

The medical condition of the driver is unknown.