New Vincy film explores concept of ‘love without boundaries’
Javed DaSouza, (second from left) speaks to the audience as cast members look on
January 19, 2024
New Vincy film explores concept of ‘love without boundaries’

‘In the Name of Love’, a romance thriller written and directed by Vincentian film maker, Javed DaSouza, had its first major screening last Saturday, January 13, at the Russell’s Auditorium.

Red was the colour of the night on January, 6, when young, old and some in between came out for the premiere of DaSouza’s second feature film.

Shot from the film In the Name of Love

For those who may have been expecting a romance-comedy in line with DaSouza’s first film project ‘Our True Story’, this latest instalment came with more than laughs and the fuzzies.

The usual boy meets girls, falls in love and both live happily ever after, was presented in a chilling way in this unique Vincy love story.

The film follows the journey of a love-struck, obsessed young man, portrayed by Jay-Z Lewis, as he tries to win over his love interest, played by Nia Grecia. He goes to all lengths to eliminate his competition and ensure that he never has to go on another day living without her.

The response from the audience, both during and after the viewing, testified to the stellar storytelling done by DaSouza in the film with its unforeseeable plot twists, scares and comic relief.

In a post-screening question and answer session, moderated by Tolga Akcayli, audience members offered up commendation on the film production, especially as the project was completed without funding.

DaSouza said ‘In the Name of Love’ paints a picture of love without boundaries.

“I like to look at love in a different perspective as in – what if love never had any boundaries, what would that look like?”

He disclosed that the project was initially intended to be a five-minute short film for a competition. But after some hiccups with that plan, he was encouraged by his team to lengthen the screenplay to a feature format.

“One thing about my team is that they give really good ideas.”

The premiere was done in collaboration with IKTV. The film is set to be screened again on Saturday, January 27.