Play Up Pompey – Brothers-in-arms join the Royal Navy
Pompey brothers from St Vincent and the Grenadines
December 29, 2023
Play Up Pompey – Brothers-in-arms join the Royal Navy

Two brothers from St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) were reunited on the parade ground of HMS Raleigh in Torpoint, Cornwall as one completed his Phase 1 basic training.

Twenty six-year-old Able Seaman (AB) Oshane Pompey was joined by his brother Recruit (Rct) Kurtney Pompey (who is in his fourth week of basic training), as he completed his 10 weeks training to become a member of the Royal Navy.

AB Oshane, a former attendee at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, joined the Royal Navy in mid-October 2023 looking for a career that would allow him to gain professional qualifications while working with people who set the highest of standards.

“The training was what I expected – intense, disciplined and physically demanding,” he reflected adding, “It gave me routine and working in a team to get tasks done allowed me to develop my own skills, as well as feel valued when adding my own contributions.”

Passing advice to his brother he commented, “Just keep pushing yourself to achieve your best – then any obstacle can be overcome,” adding gratefully, “It’s a brilliant and joyful feeling to complete training and be part of the Royal Navy.”

After Christmas leave, AB Oshane joins HMS Sultan in Gosport, Hampshire where he will undertake his Phase 2 professional training as a Marine Engineer, before joining his first ship and setting off on his global adventure.

Rct Kurtney will return to HMS Raleigh after Christmas leave to recommence training in Week 4, before passing out himself in late February 2024 and undertaking further training as a Mine Warfare Specialist.