Former SVG Air Chairman passes
Martin Barnard
December 15, 2023
Former SVG Air Chairman passes

Martin Barnard, former businessman and chairman of SVG Air has died.

Barnard died on Tuesday and on Wednesday, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves expressed public condolences to his family.

Gonsalves did so during his regular Wednesday morning program on NBC radio.

Stating that Barnard has had “a very distinguished career,” the Prime Minister described him as “a fantastic patriot, nationalist, integrationist in the region, and an urbane sophisticated man, but very much grounded among the people.”

Barnard had also served as Managing Director of Orange Hill Estate and also on the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The Prime Minister recalled Barnard as being “an entrepreneur of high quality,” and someone who was very popular among the people of the North Windward Constituency.

“We have lost a good soul,” Gonsalves said.

He further stated that Barnard had “genuinely made an immense contribution to this country.”

In his condolences, Gonsalves remembered Barnard as a man of calm and patience and peace and love and caring.”