Bequia Threadworks Launches 2024 Fashion Collection
December 12, 2023
Bequia Threadworks Launches 2024 Fashion Collection

Bequia Threadworks, a Vincentian non-profit ethically producing apparel and accessories under the NOYO fashion brand, has launched its 2024 Collection.

‘The Way Home’ speaks to a journey not just to a place, but to a state of being. This collection is inspired by nomadic cultures from around the world, blended with the tropical atmosphere of the Caribbean.

Design & Product Manager, Odini Sutherland, created bold new silhouettes and colour palettes for men, women and children in ‘The Way Home’. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to mix and match across colour and print. This collection also introduces new local and regional collaborations, curating the Bequia Threadworks Boutique with jewellery and accessories from designer and artisan brands across the Caribbean.

Since 2018, Bequia Threadworks has operated with a mission to promote economic freedom and women’s empowerment on the island through ethical employment and training in fashion and manufacturing. Each collection is manufactured in house by their all-woman team of designers, pattern makers and artisan seamstresses. With a commitment to the slow fashion mindset, this sustainable collection features only low

impact and ethically-sourced fabrics, including organic cotton and bamboo, ecological hemp and linen.

‘The Way Home’ was launched in store on Saturday, December 9.