Popular VINLEC linesman laid to rest
Dario’s father Victor Smart holding his grandson Darius.
December 5, 2023
Popular VINLEC linesman laid to rest

Linesmen from VINLEC brought tears to the eyes of many mourners on Saturday, when they sang their hearts out for their deceased co-worker Dario Victor Browne.

Browne, a former linesman with the St Vincent Electricity Services Ltd (VINLEC) died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Sunday, November 12.

He was hospitalized following an accident at San Souci on September 23, 2023.

The funeral for the 29-year-old man took place on Saturday December 2, at the Emmanuel Baptist Church at South Rivers.

Incidentally, the church is right next door to VINLEC’s South Rivers Power Plant where Dario worked.

Linesmen from VINLEC singing their hearts out for their co-worker Dario Victor Browne

Many VINLEC workers were among the mourners on Saturday and his colleagues performed a very emotional rendition of the song “There’s a place for people like you.”

The song was performed by three linesmen, while another linesman, Shane Mc Dowall, played the keyboards.

During their rendition, cries echoed in the church’s chamber and tears filled many eyes.

A representative from the electricity provider also gave a tribute to the deceased linesman.

Mitra Malcolm said Browne worked selflessly “in hot sun and sometimes in rain,” to meet the needs of VINLEC’s customers.

Malcolm recalled that in 2012, Dario was awarded a scholarship from VINLEC to pursue an Associate

Degree in Electrical Engineering at the SVG Community College. Malcolm said it seems as if Dario was destined to work at VINLEC, as this scholarship paved the way for his later entry into the company.

Not only was he a strong team player at work, but he also had three nicknames at work.

Malcolm said at VINLEC, Dario was also known as ‘Superstar,’ ‘Predator’ and ‘Apex.’

During the funeral service Dario’s father, Victor Smart spent most of the time clinging to the coffin. He said Dario was his only son, whom he loved dearly. Victor held Dario’s one-year-old son Darius and they both sat by the coffin.

Lulu Browne, Dario’s mother was able to maintain her composure during the service, and she even managed to smile sometimes.

The sermon was delivered by Pastor Willis Hackshaw and a convoy of motorcyclists escorted the body to the Park Hill cemetery for burial.

Browne was riding his motorcycle on September 23, when he was involved in an accident with two other vehicles.