Calvert Jones releases Tropical Realism mobile app
December 5, 2023
Calvert Jones releases Tropical Realism mobile app

A bold and innovative move to tap into the art market and serve clients on a different level is how local artist and businessman Calvert Jones has described his recently released mobile application, “Tropical Realism”.

The app, designed by Vincentian national scholar Alan Gooding is described by Jones as “A New Era in Caribbean Art” and “a landmark collaboration that provides a platform that showcases the vibrant culture and art of the Caribbean through an innovative lens.”

The app can be downloaded for both Android and Apple operating systems from Google Play and the Apple Store respectively and can be used to view, purchase and virtual fit paintings on a wall in your home.

“You can view and buy art and you will be kept up to date with art related events. You can also see the roster of artists — Calvert Jones, Rhea Cordice and Amie Gooding, — and you will soon be able to purchase art related souvenirs and art merchandise.

“This is expected to take art into the new era with an innovation where you take a picture of your wall and virtually hang a painting so you don’t have to literally come to the gallery to see the art or question if a piece is right for your space,” Jones said.

Using the app, a user can book a taxi. This service enables visits to the gallery or meetings with artists at the Joshua Centre.

“Moreover, the app is set to become a dynamic platform for discovering new talent. Users will have the opportunity to explore a curated selection of works from an expanding roster of both emerging and established local and regional artists, broadening their exposure to the rich diversity of Caribbean art.

“In response to the growing integration of Artificial Intelligence in the art world, I recognized the need for more art-centric events, retreats, and experiences.

“Anticipating these evolving trends, Tropical Realism is poised to expand its offerings, catering not only to art enthusiasts but also to the local and hospitality sectors. This initiative reflects a commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of art and technology,” Jones told SEARCHLIGHT.

Jones commented during an interview on Thursday that the app is a partnership at the intersection of artistic legacy and youthful innovation.

Jones, known for his unique “Tropical Realism” explained that his style brings the soul of Caribbean life to the forefront through his art which is celebrated globally and with this app, it is now even more reachable.

He said he uses colour and form to tell compelling stories, and his pieces, including those featured in prestigious collections and museums, resonate deeply with themes of cultural identity and environmental awareness and can now be viewed at the tip of your fingertips.

“This unique partnership between me and Gooding exemplifies how the fusion of art and technology can transcend generational and cultural boundaries.

“The Tropical Realism app not only offers a new way to experience art but also celebrates the rich heritage of the Caribbean, making it accessible to a global audience in an unprecedented way,” Jones said.