Vincentians in the UK  celebrate 44th anniversary of Independence
CENIO LEWIS - High Commissioner of SVG and several attendees of the 44th Anniversary of Independence Celebration in the UK
November 28, 2023
Vincentians in the UK celebrate 44th anniversary of Independence

The National Council of St Vincent & the Grenadines Associations UK, in collaboration with the SVG High Commission London and the Wycombe Community SDA Church, celebrated St Vincent and the Grenadines 44th Independence anniversary with a Thanksgiving service on November 19, 2023 at the Wycombe Community SDA Church in Victoria Street.

This is an annual event and is held in different areas every year where there is a high concentration of Vincentians.

A release from the UK National Council of SVG said in attendance were the local MP, Steve Baker; the Mayor of High Wycombe, Paul Turner; Vice-chair BCC Mini Harker; Thames Valley Commissioner of Police Emma Burroughs; local community leaders and the High Commissioner of the SVG, Cenio Lewis.

This annual event brings together the various Vincentian communities in the UK.

Representations came from Luton, Coventry, Derby & Long Eaton, Reading, London, and High Wycombe.

High Wycombe is home to the largest Vincentian community in the UK.

SVG’s High Commissioner Cenio Lewis addressed the congregation and outlined the achievements of the government of SVG thus far, but stated there is still much work to be done. Looking back, he said the government had to deal with important events and situations, many of which are still unfolding, at times challenging but a most rewarding experience.

He also mentioned the work undertaken by the National Executive of St Vincent & the Grenadines UK, chaired by Deiana Stapleton, forms a solid and active engagement with the SVG National Council.

It is the most significant development in the UK for the Vincentian Community. To a considerable extent, the National Executive Council will determine how successful we are in carrying out the manifolds entrusted to the Council.

The highlight of the evening was an award ceremony where the High Commissioner was awarded for service to his country and as the longest-serving High Commissioner in the UK from the English-speaking Caribbean nations. Other awards were given to Carolin de Freitas Sawh for 25 years of service to the Mission.

The proceedings concluded with a reception dinner held at the Hilltop Community Centre Cressex, where Steve Baker and Mini Harker addressed the gathering. The gathering was entertained by prominent Vincentian artists such as Kemmuel Spence, Saxophonist; Rowland Sutherland Flutist and Ken Wiseman Singer.