Stone crusher used at AIA site not operational
The Argyle International Airport
November 28, 2023
Stone crusher used at AIA site not operational

The stone crusher, which formed part of a fleet of heavy equipment which was used during the construction of the Argyle International Airport, is “not operational” at this time.

So said Minister of Transport, Works, Land and Physical Planning Montgomery Daniel. The minister made this disclosure in Parliament last Thursday, while responding to a question from East Kingstown Representative Fitzgerald Bramble.

Bramble’s question related to the stone crusher and other equipment used at the airport site, which, on completion of the airport, were to be used to rehabilitate roads and infrastructure in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

In answering the question, Minister Daniel revealed that “Twenty per cent of the equipment received from the IADC” are currently in operation.

The stone crusher however is not included in this 20 per cent.

Daniel said that “an assessment of the stone crusher was done; and it was determined that US$400,000 was needed for spare parts.

According to Daniel “its was BRAGSA’s opinion that it was more economical to replace the stone crusher, rather than to repair it.”

The Minister indicated that he is not aware that the stone crusher had been sold to a private quarry operator.

He said the stone crusher is not operational and its dismantled parts are at BRAGSA’s facility in Cane Hall.