Traditional marijuana farmers to host ‘Cannabis Cup’
From Left : Josiah Cuffy, Taffarel Thompson, Utamu ‘Bongo Prime’ Rose and Conley Rose
November 24, 2023
Traditional marijuana farmers to host ‘Cannabis Cup’

Traditional farmers in SVG will soon have the opportunity to showcase their talent in marijuana cultivation at the country’s first ever ‘Cannabis Cup’ being put on by the Alternative Holistic & Organic Co-operative Society LTD (AHOCS) and CannaSVG a company that merges large-scale cultivation with outstanding medical cannabis products.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT were AHOCS members: Josiah Cuffy, Utamu ‘Bongo Prime’ Rose, Taffarel Thompson and president, Conley Rose.

Cuffy stated that the idea of the Cannabis Cup is to have a “…freedom day for cannabis, because we really trying to de-stigmatise, because we have medicinal cannabis here now too, so it’s only fair that the de-stigmatisation should come with it.”

He explained that the de-stigmatisation is crucial as society will never accept cannabis for what it really is.

The AHOCS member said that they hope to have a ‘village-type’ setting with performances by artistes Utamah ‘Bongo Prime’ Rose, Yaphato, Dynamite as well as other local artistes on December 10 at Pier 1.

The organisers added that the competition will have different categories that competitors can enter as well as different awards they can win with their cannabis.

The categories include Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Flowers as well as Hash (a compound collected from the cannabis plant), while the awards will be for Best Buds (the visual appearance), Best Aroma ( the smell ), Best Taste ( how smooth it burns ), Best High (strength).

The event will feature various THC cannabis products that licensed consumers can enjoy at a lounge area.

AHOCS however said that persons who do not own a medical cannabis license can obtain one on the day of the event or they can make use of CBD products.

“We really trying to engage traditional farmers to come along, also some of the bigger investors such as Medicinal. They won’t be partaking however, it will be a different category for those so we really trying to encourage the traditional growers because that’s who we really want to be involved in the medicinal cannabis for the country, for the country itself to be involved because that is the only way we can start with the de-stigmatisation,” Cuffy stated.

He added that the AHOCS team will have a stall to exhibit types of literature about cannabis as well as multiple products from the marijuana plant and other plants that have various health benefits.

AHOCS is an organisation that deals with agriculture and the environment as well as supports the sale of marijuana in the market with the hope that the product will be sold in more places.