NDP announces new policies and programmes
Dr Godwin Friday
November 24, 2023
NDP announces new policies and programmes

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has announced new policies and programs that it said will take the country forward and address the high level of youth unemployment.

Leader of the Opposition and President the NDP, Dr Godwin Friday made the announcement at the party’s ‘Hope For Youth Rally’ held on November 18 at the Campden Park Playing Field.

The policies and programs include establishing a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) centre of excellence; establishing a new arts and cultural centre; building an innovation hub to support and promote entrepreneurship; creating a jobs creation package of tax cuts and other measures to support job growth.

Friday added, “Our country is at a crossroads and we need an election now. The time is fast approaching where we are going to make real and positive progress in the country. Our young people deserve nothing less. . We have a plan to make real and lasting progress in creating jobs, increasing wages, and building an economy that works for everyone, including our young people as they have been left out for too long.”

Member of Parliament for South Leeward, Nigel ‘Nature’ Stephenson, remarked, “It was great to welcome so many people to Campden Park to hear our plans to deliver a brighter future. So many young people traveled far and wide to get here and the energy and excitement were electric.”

Member of Parliament for East Kingstown, Dwight ‘Fitz’ Bramble, who also spoke at the rally noted, “Our economy has lagged behind nearly every other country in the Eastern Caribbean when it comes to growth and creating jobs. There is no reason for this other than government inaction and failures. Our people spoke loud and clear on Saturday night. It’s time for a change.”

The NDP said in a release that it “continues its work to make this country better and serve the youth of our nation”.