Foreign Affairs Minister congratulates Taiwan on its 112th  Anniversary
Dignataries at Taiwan National Reception
October 13, 2023

Foreign Affairs Minister congratulates Taiwan on its 112th Anniversary

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Keisal Peters has extended wishes of peace and prosperity to Taiwan on its 112th  anniversary, celebrated annually as “Double Ten Day” on October 10.

“The people of Taiwan are strong and resilient people”, said Peters while delivering congratulatory remarks at a reception to observe “Double Ten Day”, held on October 9 at the Kingstown Baptist Church. “Having celebrated 112 years shows the fortitude of a people that believe in their country and its system” she added.

The Foreign Affairs Minister noted that SVG and Taiwan established diplomatic relations in 1981, under the leadership of the late Robert Milton Cato, and the relationship has blossomed.

Throughout the relationship, she said, St Vincent and the Grenadines has advocated for Taiwan to be involved in various international organizations, one of them being the United Nations. “The people of Taiwan deserve the right to have their voices heard in all corners of the international community without hindrances, without pressure or threats from others,” said Peters.

Peters said, Taiwan’s involvement, like any other country, is of benefit to the international system and this should not be ignored. She pointed out that during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Taiwan stood on the world stage assisting in financial relief and donations to many countries, including SVG. She said Taiwan also assisted with the clean-up of ash following the eruptions of La Soufriere Volcano in April, 2021, and has also purchased a monitoring system to monitor activity at the volcano.  “Taiwan is the quintessential example of a good friend in bad times”, said Peters.

Peters is this country’s first female foreign affairs minister, and also the youngest person appointed to lead the ministry. She affirmed that “SVG is proud to be a part of the [112 th ] celebration which is a profound occasion that affords Vincentians the opportunity to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Taiwan.”

In 2019, she noted, SVG established an embassy in Taiwan because the Government of SVG trusts the Taiwanese government, its institutions and its people.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade also pointed out that Taiwan has been present at every stage of this country’s development following its independence in 1979, and both countries have cooperated in many aspects such as health, technology and security, infrastructural development, education, human resource development  and women’s empowerment.(API)