Animal feed being subsidized by Ministry of Agriculture
October 10, 2023
Animal feed being subsidized by Ministry of Agriculture

Livestock farmers can now register to receive regular subsidies on animal feed up to a total value of $500,000.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour has announced that registration for the fortnightly one-week supply of feed began on Monday, October 9.

According to Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Kathian Hackshaw, farmers are required to register to obtain a voucher which will be used to purchase the feeds at the discounted price at the East Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC).

The deduction in prices is as follows: Ten dollars ($10.00) off each sack of Poultry feed; twelve dollars ($12.00) off each sack of Pig feed; and eight dollars ($8.00) off each sack of General Purpose feed.

Livestock farmers may register at the following locations and times: (i) the Veterinary Division at the Ministry of Agriculture, (ii) the New Grounds, Dumbarton, Wallilabou and Rivulet Agricultural Stations (iii) the Orange Hill Biotechnology Centre from Monday October 9 to Thursday October 12, 9 am-12 noon.

Farmers are required to take along their farmer’s identification card when registering. They will be called to collect the vouchers when they have been processed.