SVG to observe National Day of Prayer
October 3, 2023

SVG to observe National Day of Prayer

St Vincent and the Grenadines is set to observe a National Day of Prayer on October 9, 2023, encapsulating the theme of ‘Unity and Resilience.’

Organized by the National Day of Prayer Committee, the event is brought to fruition through a collaborative effort with Ecclesiastical Affairs and the Ministry of Education and National Reconciliation.

This joint venture aims to provide a seamlessly orchestrated day of activities and prayer that engenders unity and strength among the populace.

The day promises engaging activities designed to involve various segments of the community.

From Workplace Devotions intended for the working class, School Devotions for the younger generation, to Interactive On-air Prayers broadcasted via radio for widespread participation – the event encompasses all.

In the capital city of Kingstown, strategically placed prayer stations will invite passersby to engage in moments of reflection and prayer.

Additionally, visits to State institutions are scheduled, extending the reach and inclusiveness of the event.

A significant highlight is the National Prayer Rally at Heritage Square, slated from 3 pm to 6 pm The public is encouraged to partake in the National Day of Prayer activities. (contributed by Joanne Clark)