VINLEC’s National Science & Technology Fair slated for November
A section of crowd at the media launch of the VINLEC National Science and Technology Fair
September 29, 2023
VINLEC’s National Science & Technology Fair slated for November

The 2023 edition of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Electricity Services (VINLEC) National Science and Technology Fair was launched on September 19 at the Central Leeward Secondary School.


Juanita Hunte – King, Education Officer

The one-week Science and Technology Fair will be hosted by the Ministry of Education from November 6 – 10 under the theme, “imagination”.

In her remarks at the launch, Education Officer for Science, Juanita Hunt-King said the objectives of the fair are to provide an opportunity for collaboration among students and teachers; to focus attention on future scientists and for them to think about other science related careers; to increase interest among students and encourage them to become involved in science; to create an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity; and to improve the public’s perception of science.

Senior Education Officer Aldia Gumbs-Dyer, in her remarks on Tuesday, said the ministry is grateful to its partners, particularly its main sponsor VINLEC, for its yearly investment in the Fair. Gumbs-Dyer encouraged stakeholders in education to motivate the students to participate in the annual event. She also encouraged schools to hold internal science fairs to show off their student’s projects and creativity, and to make the best selections to enter the national fair.

Bria King, Communications Officer of VINLEC

President of the Science Teachers Association Giovanni Rose said the various categories have been modified this year to best suit the ages and education levels of all prospective participants to engender the highest quality of submissions and maximize participation.

Communications Officer of VINLEC, Bria King said the company is pleased to continue its partnership with the Ministry of Education for the staging of the event for another year, on the journey into the world of “imagination” with the VINLEC National Science and Technology Fair. King encouraged the participants to push the boundaries of their creativity, explore uncharted territories and dream beyond their knowledge.

She said VINLEC understands the impact that science and technology have on our lives and its commitment to supporting the National Science and Technology Fair reflects the company’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders, inventors and visionaries.

Aldia Gumbs-Dyer, Senior Education Officer

Students of primary and secondary schools are the main participants of the upcoming November 6 to 10 event; however, members of the public are also invited to participate.