Old Montrose man on  trial for allegedly shooting neighbour to death
Murder accused Devon “Chiefman” Charles. (Inset) Deceased Kimron “Warlord” Hannaway
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September 26, 2023

Old Montrose man on trial for allegedly shooting neighbour to death

A businessman is standing trial at the High Court for allegedly causing the death of his neighbour by shooting him in the head.

Devon “Chiefman” Charles of Old Montrose is being tried for murder at the High Court #1 in connection with the death of his neighbour Kimron “Warlord” Hannaway who2 was gunned down at Block 2000 on August 2, 2020.

Charles was also charged that on August 2, 2020 he had in his possession a firearm with intent to commit the offence of murder.

Deceased Kimron “Warlord” Hannaway also known as Dogman.

The deceased, who was also known as “Dog man” was 38 years old at the time of his death. He resided at Old Montrose, Block 2000, and was allegedly shot after defending Paula Straker, another resident of the area, from dogs owned by the accused that were attacking her.

Prosecutor, Crown Counsel Rose-Ann Richardson is leading the Crown’s case along with Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Tammika McKenzie, and Maria Jackson Richards.

The accused is being represented by counsel Duane Daniel.

A 12-member jury is hearing the evidence of the trial which started on September 25, during which at least 16 witnesses including Straker, are expected to be called to testify in the matter.

After the shooting in 2020, Hannaway’s dead body was filmed and shared across social media showing him with what appeared to be a cutlass in his right hand. Hannaway is thought to have died after being hit by at least three bullets, one of which struck him in the head.

On the other hand, reports were that Charles had made a report against the deceased, claiming that Hannaway chopped him.

The matter continues at the High Court.