Kingstown man charged with trespassing and theft
Kerwin McDowall
September 19, 2023

Kingstown man charged with trespassing and theft

A Kingstown man who was charged with trespassing into a woman’s home while carrying a firearm and stealing over EC$1000 worth of items has been granted bail.

Kerwin McDowall appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate John Ballah on Monday, September 18 for his arraignment, but was not required to plea to any of charges as they are indictable.

McDowall was charged that on August 8 he entered the dwelling house of Keisha McDowall of Glen as a trespasser and at the time had with him a firearm.

He was also charged that on the same day he entered the property as a trespasser, he stole two lbs of beef valued EC$18.00, one tin of orange juice valued EC$5.80, one box of cornflakes valued EC$12.95, one loaf of whole wheat sandwich bread valued EC$5.80, 10 eggs valued EC$15.00, five lbs of brown sugar valued EC$11.25, four lbs of rice valued EC$10.00, one pack of ketchup valued EC$7.85, one bag of onions valued EC$5.00, three bags of golden apples valued EC$15.00, three tins of evaporated milk valued EC$10.70, one lb of full cream milk valued EC$7.80, two bottles of wine valued EC$80.00, three packs of braids valued EC$55.00, two bars of washing soap valued EC$3.80, four jeans pants valued EC$100.00, three nightgowns valued EC$55.00, one lb of two and a half inch nails valued EC$8.00, two hasps and staples valued EC$40.00, one black T-shirt valued EC$30.00, two pairs of black Nike shoes valued EC$180.00, one black jacket valued EC$25.00, one brown towel valued EC$20.00, one black circular battery pack valued EC$25.00 and one black Samsung cellular phone with charger valued EC$350.00 amounting to a total value of EC$1026.95, property of Keisha McDowall.

Kerwin was already on bail for another offence in the sum of $3000 with one surety, which Prosecutor Corlene Samuel requested to be increased.

However, Magistrate John Ballah ordered that the bail continue in relation to the two more recent offences, and that Kerwin should have no contact with Keisha.

However, since there was no one to sign the bail bond for Kerwin, he was remanded in custody.

The matter was transferred to the Serious Offences Court for hearing today, Tuesday, September 19.