Governor  General launches Initiatives to  empower young  dropouts in SVG
Persons in attendance at the launch of “The Dame Susan Foundation for Girls” (Inset) Dame Susan Dougan
September 12, 2023

Governor General launches Initiatives to empower young dropouts in SVG

Provisions are being made for young people here in St Vincent and the Grenadines who have dropped out of the formal education system to be given a second chance at attaining an education and training.

This is being done through “The Dame Susan Foundation for Girls” and “The Electronic Career Development Toolkit”, twin initiatives that were officially launched by Governor General Dame Susan Dougan on Thursday September 7 at Government House.

The Governor General stated that principals of primary and secondary schools will be called upon to provide the information on the girls with the permission of the Ministry of Education. After the consultation with schools and the families, these young girls will be enlisted into appropriate remedial programmes.

Dame Susan Dougan

The project is expected to accommodate a total of 200 students in the first instance.

Participants must be between the ages of nine and 19 years.

Dame Susan also stated every effort will be made to determine participants’ circumstances and the required support will be provided in this regard.

The Governor General also emphasised that though the programme is geared towards young females, provisions are being made to support young males as well.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Myccle Burke said his ministry fully endorses the initiative as it will be an essential intervention for many young people.

Burke stated that the dropout rate for students is especially highs at forms 3 and 4, and this initiative would help these students to get back into the educational system.

Meanwhile, the “Electronic Development Career Toolkit” will be an integral part of the intervention support for the girls who are part of “The Dame Susan Foundation for Girls”.

This product was conceptualised in early 2021, and will now be made available electronically free of charge through support of The British High Commission in St Vincent and the Grenadines in collaboration with MAHR Solution and Kestrel SVG.

The toolkit which was developed by Dr Janelle Allen, who is a Human Resource Consultant and Career Coach, and designed by Vincentian Addison Edwards. The Career toolkit is a user-friendly, go to resources for job seekers, those embarking on a new careers and personal growth to the next level.

The Career Toolkit covers a range of helpful topics including Career Planning, Social and Professional Networking, Personal Branding, Digital Literacy among other skills.(API)