Teen vagrant held for allegedly attacking woman
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August 25, 2023
Teen vagrant held for allegedly attacking woman

A half-naked and visibly upset teenage vagrant who frequents Paul’s Avenue was held by police for allegedly assaulting a woman in Kingstown.

The incident occurred just after noon on Thursday, August 24 along Paul’s Avenue in the area of the High Court building and resulted in the 16-year-old being hauled away by two police officers.

The teen already has a criminal record relating to charges for damage to property and burglary of a Kingstown clothing store back in February this year. It was during this appearance in court that he admitted to abusing cocaine.

SEARCHLIGHT understands the teen was begging passers-by for money as he does on a daily basis and when he asked one woman, she refused. The teen reportedly pounced on the woman resulting in a scuffle which involved a police officer on foot patrol.

He is expected to be charged with assault.