NDP “jealous” of positive impact of the Education Revolution – Minister
FROM LEFT: Orando Brewster and Keisal Peters
August 15, 2023

NDP “jealous” of positive impact of the Education Revolution – Minister

The opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) is being accused of being “jealous” of the positive impact that the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) Education Revolution has had on the young people in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

On August 9, two government Ministers took to the airwaves to rebut recent statements made by Opposition Leader Dr Godwin Friday about the Education Revolution.

On Monday August 7, Friday raised questions about the relevance of the Education Revolution given the high level of unemployment among the school leavers.

Speaking on the New Times programme on Nice Radio, Friday also chided the ruling administration for bragging about the Education Revolution.

In response to Friday’s remarks, Housing Minister Orando Brewster said “I think in my opinion, that the New Democratic Party, they are actually jealous.”

Brewster, who was speaking on Star Radio along with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Keisal Peters, spoke passionately about the Education Revolution, during the ‘ULP Speaks’ programme on Wednesday night.

Brewster, who also heads the Ministry of National Mobilization said the country is seeing the transformation of the education sector, especially in the areas of technical and vocational skills.

“We are seeing a significant improvement in our youth, and we have continued to invest in our youth here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

“Thank God for the Education Revolution,” Minister Brewster declared, while explaining that he and Minister Peters came through similar ranks, but were able to uplift themselves.

“We are fortunate to have been successful at Common Entrance at that time, when there was no universal access to secondary education in the country.”

“I have to remember these things; and I have to tell the young people of St Vincent and the Grenadines about these things.”

Reflecting, Brewster, who is also the MP for Central Leeward said “it was only a bottled dream for a young man like me, who came from the bowels of poverty, to go on to make something of himself.”

Apart from his personal success, Brewster pointed out that soon, there will be 1000 lawyers in SVG.

“Had it not been for the Education Revolution, half of these young people would not have gotten the opportunity to become somebody.”

In response to Friday’s comments about bragging, Brewster said “we are bragging about how far we have come, in education here in SVG.”

Peters admitted “were it not for this government, many of us would not have been where we are today, and would not have accomplished all that we have thus far.”

The Foreign Minister stressed: “We are relatively young; but we are old enough to remember the state of education under the NDP.”

The senator said under the reign of the NDP, “hopes and dreams were dashed away because parents couldn’t afford to send their children to study.”

In terms of scholarship offers back then, Senator Peters said they were “few and far between.”

Quoting from a recent article in SEARCHLIGHT which reported the Leader of the Opposition’s views on the Education Revolution, Peters said she does not know who parents and grandparents the opposition leader has been talking to.

“But I could tell you, the parents and grandparents who I know, are very proud of their children and grandchildren, who have been able to go off to study and attain higher education.”