Former beneficiaries partner with Bunpan in the award of secondary school scholarships
Acting President Leroy Jackson presenting scholarship award to Jaden Cordice
August 11, 2023

Former beneficiaries partner with Bunpan in the award of secondary school scholarships

For the first time, two former holders of scholarships from the Marriaqua United Friendly Society have partnered with the society in the award of secondary school scholarships to members or children of members.

The friendly society, commonly known as Bunpan held its 2023 Scholarship and Bursary Award ceremony on August 3 at its headquarters in Freeland, Marriaqua.

Acting President Leroy Jackson presenting scholarship award to Kiara Semper

Dr Andrea Vaughans, Bunpan’s 1996 Scholarship awardee, along with her sister Sherri-Anne Vaughans, who received several international scholarships, partnered with the Society to fund a third scholarship.

According to Dr Vaughans “We understand the transformative power of scholarships and recognize their significance in shaping lives; like Bunpan, we aspire to positively impact someone’s life through the same benevolent deeds that once shaped our futures”.

The Acting President of the Society, Leroy Jackson thanked the Vaughans sisters for their generosity.

Laurell Wright, Bunpan’s 1998 Scholarship holder was this year’s motivational speaker. She encouraged the students to maintain their passion for learning, have realistic goals, and engage in positive self-talk and affirmations.

She advised the students to manage their time wisely and to set attainable goals. Wright also challenged the students not to succumb to negative peer pressure, nor to become absorbed or overwhelmed with comparisons, but to be presentable in their carriage and actions. She stressed their need to remember the word ‘salubrious’ which means something that is favorable to the health of body or mind. Finally she encouraged the parents to be supportive of their children.

Sherri-Anne Vaughans presenting scholarship award to Yohan Martin

The three scholarship awards were presented to Yohan Martin, Jaden Cordice and Kiara Semper who will each receive $1,400 annually for five years of secondary school and two years at a post-secondary institution. The Society will also bear the cost of all external examination fees (CSEC and CAPE).

Yohan is the son of Don-Antonio Martin and Ansonia Timothy of Fairbain. Jaden is the son of Cypicie Horne-Cordice and Gregory Cordice of Richland Park. Kiara is the daughter of Carlon Richards and Josane Semper of Pembroke. The students will attend the St Vincent Boys Grammar School and the Girls High School respectively.

Additionally, 16 other successful applicants received $100 each as a one-off financial assistance towards school expenses. Bunpan awardees are either members, or the children of members.

Since the commencement of the Society’s Scholarship programme in 1985, the Society has awarded fifty-56 scholarships.

The Board of Directors, management, staff and membership of Bunpan congratulate all the students and pledge to continue investing in the lives of its members and by extension the nation’s children.