Police Eastern Division gets more commendation
Montgomery Daniel
July 28, 2023
Police Eastern Division gets more commendation

Deputy Prime Minister Montgomery Daniel, has joined the police top brass in commending police officers in the Eastern Division for successes at solving crime.

This division is headed by Superintendent Hesran Ballantyne, who is attached to the Georgetown Police Station.

The division was recently commended for making arrests in every homicide case in that division this year.

In a press release, Police Commissioner Colin John, said witnesses coming forward and giving evidence was one of the reasons for the success.

Apart from homicides, Commissioner John commended officers of the Eastern Division for solving other crimes in their division.

The Eastern Division extends from North Union upwards to Fancy in the North, and also includes the communities of Dickson, Park Hill and South Rivers.

The police release said Ballantyne was appointed as officer in charge of the Eastern Division in October 2022.

While speaking on NBC radio on Wednesday, July 27, acting Prime Minister Daniel, offered congratulations to the officers in the that division.

This division includes the constituency of North Windward, which Daniel represents in Parliament, and the police stations in Sandy Bay and Owia.