PM promises more young people will assume leadership positions
Dr Ralph Gonsalves
July 14, 2023
PM promises more young people will assume leadership positions

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, says the appointment of Benarva Browne to the post of Government Senator and Minister is an indication of the evolution of Vincentian society and governance.

On Wednesday, July 12, Browne became the youngest member of Cabinet to be appointed.

Speaking at the swearing in ceremony at Government House, Dr. Gonsalves said the people are reaping the fruits of the education revolution and never has there been a time in this country where so many young people have assumed leadership positions.

“There are even some younger who would be coming to the state administration in elevated positions, so that, we are having continuity, we are having the wisdom of the ages and we are having the refreshing ideas of the young people…; the children of the education revolution, who, would for many years provide leadership for this great country,” Dr. Gonsalves promised.

Senator Bernava Browne now holds the Ministerial portfolio of Urban Development, Energy, Seaport Administration, Grenadines Affairs and Local Government, formerly held by Senator Julian Francis who demitted office one day before Browne was sworn in. (API)