VincyCares scholarship holders graduate with numerous awards
From Left: Shazia Browne pictured with one of her awards, and Zomara Lewis receiving Student of the Year Award, presented by Deputy Prime Minister Montgomery Daniel.
July 7, 2023
VincyCares scholarship holders graduate with numerous awards

VincyCares, a New York-based non-profit organisation has expressed elation at the news that eight of their scholarship recipients graduated this past week with exceptional performances.

The group has extended congratulations to Zomara Lewis of the Sandy Bay Secondary School; Shazia Browne, Angelique Henry, Kayla Reid, and Nyema Richards of the St. Vincent Girls’ High School; and Paul Dennie, Zedon Joseph and Trevon Paul of the St. Vincent Grammar School.

Zedon Joseph (left), receiving Saeed Bowman Award for Table Tennis, presented by P.E teacher Rawlson Morgan.

Dahlia-Ann Howard Lewis, founding member, noted that the class of 2023 encountered many obstacles and challenges.

“We are so very proud of all of you!  Despite the many challenges, you did it,” as she expressed thanks to the parents for their support to the children throughout their journey.

Special mention was made of Zomara Lewis, who received nine academic awards, and who was Valedictorian of her graduating class.

In her valedictorian speech, Zomara acknowledged that she and her classmates “are one of the strongest set of students. Despite all the challenges we faced, with COVID-19 and the big bad and majestic La Soufriere volcano as examples, we persevered. Despite everything that was thrown at us, we persevered. We went through the worst, some more than others. We pushed through it and we won using the conquering spirit as true Vincentians.”

Zomara recognized VincyCares, and specifically Howard-Lewis, for her support and encouragement in making her academic journey possible.

Shazia Browne walked away with seven awards. Shazia, along with Angelique Henry and Kayla Reid made the GHS first ever Honour Roll.  Nyema Richards received a Top Prefect award, and Zedon Joseph received the Saeed Bowman Award for Table Tennis.

Expressing gratitude to VincyCares, Shermine Walter, Shazia’s mom, stated “We are grateful for your vision in helping those in need. We also thank you for standing behind each student, supporting them both financially and emotionally.”

All the parents echoed similar sentiments, including Paul Dennie, Sr., Joeana Christopher-Joseph, Samantha Henry, Bornadea Paul-Barker, Madura Lewis, Hisron Hoyte and Nadine Sam. Vilma Richards, Nyema’ s mom, thanked VincyCares for their support.

“You helped with the molding of my girls, and I will be forever grateful.”

VincyCares Inc., was formed in November, 2009. The purpose of the its scholarship programme is to encourage and inspire the recipient students to look beyond their financial circumstances and aspire to achieve their dreams, and to provide them with the assistance for achieving those dreams.

This is done through scholarships donated by individuals in the Diaspora, as well as proceeds from fundraising events held by the organization.

In reflecting on the past week’s graduation celebrations, the directors of VincyCares say they remain encouraged and committed to their mission.

“These beautiful moments of triumph and joy are the returns on our investments. I am humbly reminded that this is the reason we’ve continued to work tirelessly over the past 14 years. I am so proud,” beamed Gary Palmer, treasurer of the organisation.