Blondie Bird and Friends sweep five of seven categories for Junior Carnival
Blondie Bird & Friends – Birds of a feather portrayal: Phoenix took the 1st position in the Individuals 10-15 category
July 7, 2023
Blondie Bird and Friends sweep five of seven categories for Junior Carnival

Blondie Bird and Friends returned to their winning ways last Saturday, when they took five of the seven judged categories at Junior Carnival with their portrayal of ‘Birds of a Feather’.

The mas band won the Junior Band of the Year, the Uptown Competition, Junior King of Carnival, Junior Queen of Carnival and the first and second positions in the Individuals 10 – 15 years section.

In second position for the Junior Band of the Year was SVG Players International with their portrayal ‘Players Love’. Third was Nelson Bloc with Papillon and fourth, Imagination Mas Band with ‘Tell it like it is”.

Blondie Bird also relegated SVG Players to second position for the Uptown Competition, with Mirage Production taking the third position with their presentation ‘The Deep’.

SVG Players won the best junior section with their portrayal of ‘Fun & Frolic’, while Blondie Bird took the second and third positions with ‘Peacock’ and ‘Love Bird’ respectively. SVG Players was also fourth with ‘Colour Arts & Crafts’.

In the Junior King Competition, Blondie’s ‘King Cobo’ worn by Joel Batson was first. Nelson Bloc’s ‘Butterfly Catcher’ worn by Jaime Stephenson was second, while SVG Players took the third spot with ‘Fun Frolic’.

Alanze Niles of Blondie Bird with her costume ‘Love Bird’ was adjudged Junior Queen, with Taraji Alexis of Nelson Bloc and her costume ‘Eye Seeing Butterfly’ from their presentation ‘Papillon’ placing second. Third was SVG Players with their portrayal of ‘Amazing Arts & Crafts’.

In the Individuals 10 – 15, Blondie Bird’s portayals of ‘Phoenix’ and ‘White Tip Brewed Warbler’ placed first and second while ‘Fruits’ from Tribes Mas Band – De Marketplace placed third.

SVG Players took the Individuals 5-9 title with their portrayal of ‘Love’, while Blondie Bird was second with ‘Peacock’. Nelson Bloc placed third with ‘Butterfly Flower’.

Vincymas has not seen a judged mas competition since 2019, when Lynx Mas band won the competition, pushing Blondie Bird into second position. There was no Vincymas in 2020 and 2021 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and in 2022, although the mas bands made an appearance, they were not judged.

Blondie Bird’s last victory was in 2016, when they also swept five of the seven categories with their portrayal ‘Sweet Temptation’.