Political/social activist in North Central laid to rest
political and social activist Curtis ‘Dirtsman’ Latchman
June 23, 2023
Political/social activist in North Central laid to rest

Last Sunday, June 18, persons in the North Central Windward Constituency came together to bid a final farewell to deceased political and social activist Curtis ‘Dirtsman’ Latchman.

Latchman who resided in Park Hill, died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Friday, May 26.

His funeral service took place at the Park Hill Playing Field and his remains were laid to rest at the Park Hill Cemetery.

In his tribute on behalf of the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP’s) North Central Windward Constituency Council, Vibert Lampkin said Latchman was a humble man and that he was a great mobilizer and organizer for activities.

Lampkin said Latchman would toil day and night to ensure that the activities of his party were successful and that he also assisted in mobilizing activities in his community of Park Hill.

Lampkin further stated that Latchman was a dear friend of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who is also the Parliamentary Representative for North Central Windward.

Latchman who died at the age of 50, was also described as a stalwart of the ULP, and someone who had big ideas, not only for Park Hill, but for St Vincent and the Grenadines.