Former Education Officer pens several books
June 20, 2023
Former Education Officer pens several books

VINCENTIAN educator, Gwenneth Cambridge, has developed into quite a prolific writer with four self-published books and at least one book published by Hobo Publishing.

Cambridge, a former education officer and now a teacher at the Windsor Primary School, told SEARCHLIGHT last week that her books, which include poems, are based on everyday experiences and are structured to teach children things, like using their imagination and being independent. Her writings also touch on things like violence against women, prejudices, and discrimination.

“A mix of different things that would affect people in general,”Cambridge explained.

There is a book of poems called “Life’s Experiences” and according to Cambridge, this book addresses a number of issues that combine the imaginary and the real. It is divided into four parts, early childhood, primary school years, adolescence and adulthood.

Cambridge said that she also tackles imaginative writing and one of her publications, “Come imagine with me” is a series, with the first book “Dogs can be heroes too”, being imaginative writing that speaks directly to the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) curriculum.

She said this book can help students because as part of (CPEA), students have to write creative pieces and do book reports. Cambridge said that as a teacher interacting with students, she has realized that there is a problem with imaginative writing where some children are not able to effectively use their imagination.

She said “Dogs can be heroes too”, once read by students, can arouse their imagination and allow them to observe things differently when doing things like walking in the road.

“Their imagination can be stirred. The dog is the hero in this book and I added information about dogs, so I have twinned imagination and education,” Cambridge explained, while noting that a second book in her “Come imagine with me” series, titled “Mr. Snake goes ah calling”, which is written from the perspective of a snake, also has information about snakes that children will find useful. This book is currently at the illustrator/ publisher and will soon be available. Cambridge said that some of her books are illustrated by Vincentians and target kindergarten and Grade One students as she seeks to explain the concept of being independent.

She said on several occasions she has noticed teachers having problems explaining what being independent means, so along with a colleague, Cecile Harry, she penned a book where they explain to children what it means to be independent and that book would be out soon.

Another book, “Shhh listen”, deals with soft sounds and is phonetically inclined. This book also has an area where children can do searches for words with the unvoiced fricative “Sh”. This one is illustrated by Rosemary Lewis, a local.

One of Cambridge’s books, available on the Amazon website is called “The Cookie Monster” and is illustrated by Christien Brown. This publication speaks to children about healthy eating and what can happen if they eat too many unhealthy foods, for instance, sweets. There is also an activity portion which deal with healthy eating and different foods.

“These are excellent reading for children and should be put out there,” Cambridge stressed, while adding that most of the books will soon be on the market. She said because of her experience gained in the classroom, she has come up with ideas that appeal to children, parents and adults.

Several of Cambridge’s book will soon be available at Coreas City Store, The St.Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Credit Union Book Store, Gaymes Book Store and the Seventh Day Adventist Book Store.