My Smart Toilet Seat hosts first giveaway, throws support behind road tennis tourney
June 9, 2023
My Smart Toilet Seat hosts first giveaway, throws support behind road tennis tourney

A local sporting organization and an individual are in high spirits, thanks to My Smart Toilet Seat company.

On Monday, June 5, the recently opened company hosted its first customer giveaway which saw Belmont resident, Shanika Dasent receive a cheque worth EC$1,500 for participation in a raffle. The draw was held live on Hot 97.1 FM last Thursday, June 1 and Dasent told SEARCHLIGHT the funds have come at the right time as she seeks to relocate her local cosmetology business, Stulliesha Art of Air.

“I just moved my business from one location to another so it is going to help me with moving into this space that I want. I’m looking to fix up my space so it is going to come in handy.”

Dasent also commended the My Smart Toilet seat venture saying, “It is something that is trending if we decide to give it a chance.

The company is moving to revolutionize toilet culture in the Caribbean by converting existing toilet seats into bidet smart toilet seats.

National table tennis coach and head of Spencer’s Table Tennis Club, Romano Spencer, praised My Smart Toilet seat for the financial support they have thrown behind the upcoming Table Tennis competition.

The tournament will run from June 19- 24 at the New Democratic Party (NDP) headquarters in Richmond Hill, and will be held across three categories: Open Men, Open Women and Under 16 Boys. Each category is limited to 20 competitors and the winner of each category will receive $1,500, $1,200 and $1,000 respectively.

Spencer said there has been good support with national athletes at all levels already coming forward to register for the tournament. He also said competitions such as these push athletes to train harder and this, he noted, can advance the sport at the local level.

“The pool is about $10,000 that is the biggest pool ever in any local competition … I see this as [a] big benefit as it will promote the youth to aim for something different and it can also contribute to their academic needs [and] home needs. My Smart Toilet Seat had already indicated that they will try to do this on a regular basis so that can be a source of income for the kids.”

Office manager for My Smart Toilet, Curtis Bascombe, said a major focus of the company is the development of youth and sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines.