Double murder accused will soon know their fate
Murder accused Schemel ‘Jacket’ Dunbar and Kendine ‘Hoodie’ Douglas being escorted from High Court by Police Officers
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June 9, 2023
Double murder accused will soon know their fate

Having heard closing arguments from prosecution and defence counsels, High Court judge Brian Cottle will today give his summation of evidence for a 12 member jury to deliberate the fate of two accused murderers.

The retrial of murder accused Schemel ‘Jacket’ Dunbar and Kendine ‘Hoodie’ Douglas both of Rillan Hill is nearing an end after the prosecution closed their case during this week, and closing arguments from the defence concluded yesterday afternoon.

The men whose second trial began on May 22, at the High Court #1 are charged in connection with the May, 2017 death of Police Constable Danroy Cozier, 26, and his 19-year-old brother, Nicholas Cozier.

This re-trial trial came about as a result of a third accused, former police officer Richard Francis, pleading guilty to murder after the trial had already begun. Francis’s plea came after a request was made by his Lawyer Ronald Marks for his charge to be re-read to him.

Due to this, the trial which commenced on December 5, 2022 was discontinued and a new jury was empanelled for Dunbar and Douglas to be re-tried. They had maintained their innocence.

At the start of the new trial, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Sejilla Mcdowall led the crown’s case and was assisted by crown counsel, Richie Maitland and Renee Simmons. The accused men are being represented by Grant Connell and Carl Williams.

Connell is appearing for Douglas, while Williams appears for Dunbar.

The prosecution called a total of 45 witnesses who appeared in person and via video link. The last person who testified was a Senior Forensic Officer, Anika Lowe who is a DNA analyst and appeared via zoom from Jamaica to present evidence on Tuesday.

Four witnesses were also called by defence counsel, Connell.

The trial lasted a few days longer than what was anticipated by the prosecution and defence. However, in the absence of the DPP and Simmons, who were unable to be present, Maitland provided closing arguments for the crown on Wednesday morning, while defence counsel, Williams presented his arguments in the afternoon, followed by Connell who concluded his arguments yesterday, June 8.

After the judge’s summation, a 12 member jury of six men and six women will be left to determine whether the accused murderers are innocent or guilty of the gruesome crimes.

The bodies of the deceased brothers were found on May 4, 2017 at Sion Hill Bay, and post mortem examinations revealed that they both died from gunshot injuries to their heads.

Prior to his death, Constable Cozier was attached to the Mesopotamia Police Station.