Voice of the Disabled completes refurbishment of its headquarters
The newly refurbished headquarters of the Voice of the Disabled at San Souci
June 6, 2023
Voice of the Disabled completes refurbishment of its headquarters

Members of Voice of the Disabled, an organisation of persons with varying disability types, were in high spirits on Thursday, May 25, during the official opening of their headquarters at San Souci.

Outlining the history of the organization, PRO Yolanda Grant recalled that Voice of the Disabled was founded out of a meeting on October, 22, 2016 held at the Colonaire Learning Resource

Centre spearheaded by Cheryl Adams and Esroy Bute.

Adams is the founder and President of Voice of the Disabled, which she formed after hearing a voice telling her to become an advocate for persons living with disabilities.

The group became a registered body in July, 2017, and was officially launched in August that year.

From then to now, Voice of the Disabled has made many strides and are now the owners of their headquarters at San Souci.

The building formerly housed the Urban Divinity College and was later transferred to Voice of the

Disabled after the death of Eberth Bruce, head of the college.

This was done by Bruce’s widow.

Grant said when they acquired the building in November, 2018, it was in a dilapidated condition.

Some restoration work on the building was originally done by BRAGSA, but as time progressed, much more work was needed.

For this phase of the restorative work, Voice of the Disabled was assisted by the Direct Aid programme, of Australia which provided a grant of $63,000.

With this help, as well as assistance from other groups and individuals, the building project was launched in May, 2021.

Refurbishment work included the installation of burglar bars, replacement of windows, tiling, repairs to the roof, painting and other works.

During the May, 25, official opening ceremony the ribbon was cut by Simonique Cain, a physically challenged member of Voice of the Disabled.

Up to 20 persons currently attend the facility on Wednesday and Thursday each week where they are engaged in making scrap mats and threading beads use as bracelets and necklaces. A programme that offers training to both disabled and able bodied secondary school drop-outs is also conducted at the centre.

Voice of the Disabled is currently marking seven years of operation.

The opening ceremony of its headquarters was held under the theme “Going strong in God’s overflow.”