Man remanded for allegedly trespassing onto woman’s property again
Amare Nichols
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June 2, 2023
Man remanded for allegedly trespassing onto woman’s property again

A man who is alleged to have criminally trespassed onto a woman’s property was remanded into custody when he appeared at court since he was recently granted bail on a similar offence involving the same complainant.

Amare Nichols of Arnos Vale appeared at the Serious Offences Court on May 31, where he denied entering upon the property of Cherese Roache of Sion Hill with the intent to commit an offence.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, remanded Nichols into custody pending the outcome of his trial on June, 5. Her decision came after she told the court that the defendant was on bail on another offence of a similar nature.

Apart from that, in September, 2022 Nichols had pleaded guilty to separate charges of criminal trespass on Roache’s property, and not guilty to damaging one glass and aluminium window valued at $500.00

The court heard that Nichols and Roache were in a relationship that ended before the offences occurred in September last year.

Nichols was bonded for six months in the sum of $1000 for those offences of criminal trespass. After a full trial Nichols was found guilty of damage to property in relation to the September, 2022 offences. Magistrate Browne had placed him on an eight month suspended prison sentence, and Nichols was also ordered to pay compensation of $500.00 to the complainant for the damaged window by November 30, last year.

During the trial the woman had expressed fear of Nichols when she presented evidence.

The court also heard that he has a habit of throwing stones at her property, and he was previously instructed by a different magistrate to stay away from Roache.