Cuba shares Tropical Agriculture experiences with SVG
From left: Orlando Díaz Rodriguez, Director of International Affairs of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Cuba; Saboto Caesar, SVG Minister of Agriculture; Ellsworth John, Ambassador of SVG to Cuba; and Charmane Tappin-John, Minister Counsellor, Embassy of SVG in Cuba.
May 26, 2023
Cuba shares Tropical Agriculture experiences with SVG

This country’s Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar is due back in the state today following an official visit to the Republic of Cuba. During his stay, the minister was expected to meet with Cuba’s Minister of Agriculture Ydael Perez Brito as well as small farmers, agro-processors and technicians.

St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) has benefited significantly from the relationship with the Government and people of Cuba through their assistance in the 2015 livestock production initiative. Minister Caesar believes that the growing demand for cattle to be exported from St Vincent and the Grenadines has created an opportunity for the expansion of  cattle production with the continued assistance of Cuba. The minister was due to meet with several livestock technicians and hold talks with the general director of livestock, Alan Rodriguez Leon on enhancing the national herd. As well, discussions were to centre on exploring the possibility of having skilled agriculture producers assist in the transfer of knowledge in tropical agriculture production systems.

The minister’s visit was also to focus on the agro-tourism industry and its continued elevation within the agricultural sector. Agro-tourism is included in this country’s national agriculture diversification strategy.

This was Caesar’s first ministerial visit to the Republic of Cuba. The visit was facilitated by Cuba’s Ambassor to St Vincent and the Grenadines José Manuel Ventura, and SVG’s Ambassador to Cuba Ellsworth John, and Charmane Tappin-John through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.